Git Overview

Git if free & open source version control system that is an industry standard. We are able to clone a repo; branch & merge.

A simple common sample of steps we take in git.

  • Install Git - need to have git installed to utilize it;
  • Clone a repo - we clone the repo which is basically copying the repo to our local computer;
  • Branch - We create a local branch to work on;
  • Commit - we make an alter on one or a group of files then add & commit the files locally;
  • Push - we push our changes to the origin which will move the files from our local computer to the repo so everyone else can view them;
  • Pull Request - we will create a PR in the repo hosting manager tool such as Github || GitLab || BitBucket which are a few popular ones;
  • Merge - We will merge our feature branch into the working/develop branch so others can view it.
  • Fetch & Pull - fetching & pulling is another key concept & action that we take often to ensure our local branch is up to date with our teams alter;